Thursday, 24 February 2011

Make It Crafty Aussie Slang Comp - Strictly over 18's Only

Hi I do not have any crafting to show you today as busy working this week but had to enter this competition. My fella and I had such a laugh coming up with answers mostly not bloggable(Is that a word ?)  lol . You have to pick some Aussie slang and translate them to what you think they might mean , to win a huge voucher and some surprises for funny answers. I could not resist this game  ! Not long to enter now

I picked  YOU LITTLE RIPPER - anal gas issue
               GO LIKE THE CLAPPERS - " Sexytime Very Nice " ( Borat Movie )

I hope you are not offended and have a giggle was surprised at how some of the slang is similar to here in the UK.
Thanks to Zoe for a cool competition.
Bye For Now Kitty :)


  1. lol brilliant Kitty...Im off to have a look now
    Mina xxx

  2. HAHHA - Kitty I LOVE Borat and that answer is hilarious! Thanks for giving me a giggle! hugs xxoo


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