Monday, 15 May 2017

Canvas with Liza's Craft Shop Goodies Design Team - Project Tutorial

Hi Crafty Bloggers 

I am showing you a canvas I made with lots of goodies from
This is my design team creation I do just adore the shop as you can buy everything from tools to mediums to embellishments and the prices are awesome as I have looked for example at American products and the shipping and custom charges are crazy so I was so happy to see Liza stocking these items at such a fab price !! There are so many awesome brands .

I am still learning Mixed Media and hope you will be inspired to give it a go and get messy lol !! 

First of all I started with a cheap canvas from Wilko . I have used 13 arts guesso it's lovely and thick I have painted the sides. I have also applied it to the wooden tag from the shop . I used a cotton bud to unclog the hole in the tag .

I have used gel to attach the little wooden pieces that are used to stretch the canvas.  I am using them on the project so do not throw them away !!

I now paint the wooden pieces with guesso and also go back over the canvas using large flat brush from one side to the other in one stroke . I had some art stones in my guesso so you can see them on here too lol . Let the paint dry/ can use your heat gun but not to close as the paint will bubble . I now use texture paste and 13 arts stencil on the tag and sides next to the wooden pieces. I like to let this air dry as heat gun can make the paste bubble and when dry collapses.

I am trying out the Lindy's starburst sprays . So much fun . Here I sprayed on apposite corners and used some towel scrunched up to mop any puddles or anything I did not like lol . I sprayed several times to get the coverage I liked.

The sprays dry quick !! Next I choose some Lindy's magical shakers and add some sprays to get the colour effect I want . I fill my spray bottle with water and water pen .

I used the sprays at the top and mop up with towel . I then take spray from bottle /opened.... and use the tube to directly apply the ink to the canvas from the top of the wooden pieces and then underneath . I spray with water and hold the canvas up to let the ink naturally flow down . I let it dry and do the same again and again If the colour is too dark I spray water and mop up any excess and if lighter I just add directly. I even used the pen to help the flow in the direction I needed . 

I then spray on the tag and also use the Magicals using the pen to fix the flow of colours to work together .... for  the Magicals I use the sprinkle section onto the craft mat and spray water and then paint with the aqua pen .

While the ink is drying I move onto making some embellishments .
I have cut the paper cuts with small sharp scissors and used embossing ink to cover them with Lindy's embossing powder with heat gun . Adore the sparkle of these embossing powders .

I then cut a circle from the textured fabric and spray with Lindy's. I also use guesso with a smaller brush on the resin using the paint sparingly like dry brushing .

I cut some gorgeous paper for the back of the resin and used coloured beads on the frame adhered with some gel. I used the Nuvo drops on the mat for later as take some time to dry . I attached the embossed paper cuts to others that I had just sprayed directly onto to add dimension.

I put all my embellishments including these gorgeous flowers and stunning center pearl onto the canvas and moved around until happy and then glued into place . I have put some Nuvo drops in the middle of the butterfly and used the gels for the random beads around the wooden pieces . The larger flowers I have bent together so they will lie flat and add some dimension.

I have added some embroidery thread to the tag and twisted it around in places and used the embellishments and beads to hold it in place when glued/gel.

I have added some Nuvo jewel drops on the wooden pieces .

Lastly I flick my chalk pen all over the canvas 
while I cover the pearl center with some towel roll .

I hope you are inspired to get crafty and please take a look at
for lots of gorgeous products and inspiration <3. 
Just about everything is from the shop so why not pop over for a nosey !! It's also a great place to meet other crafters from all over the world .
Any questions I will happy to help  ;0)
Practicing video tutorials so hoping to do that in the future !

Thank you for visiting today 

Sending Crafty Hugs 
Kirsty-Anne ;0) xx


  1. Brilliant & very inspiring. I am less than a novice at mixed media, but I would like to learn, so your tutorial is really helpful. Thank you.

  2. Super stunning creation Kirsty-Anne.
    Your mixed media makes just get better and better.
    A great step by step tutorial involving your many crafting skills, and the overall project is wow!
    Crafty hugs, Donna xx


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